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Tulsa Oklahoma High School Senior Spokesmodel Rep Program

Each year, Brenda Dalton Photography chooses a exclusive number of local seniors in the Tulsa and surrounding areas to be our model team for their senior year. It’s an incredibly fun and unique experience for charismatic, energetic juniors and seniors who are active in their Oklahoma community and school.

BDP Senior Spokesmodels are teens who are creative — whether it’s arts, sports, community, academics and so much more! — and love to engage with the world. Spokesmodels are killer at social media, have a deep love for their community, and can’t get enough of helping their friends and classmates feel their best!

Perks of the Spokesmodel Team:

  • A 20% discount on your senior session

  • Free group and solo shoots throughout the year - plus high quality, retouched digital images

  • Earn cash back for every referral, up to $375

  • Bonus gifts, end of year party, new friends and gorgeous images to commemorate your senior year!

No modeling experience is required. We’re a body positive bunch and love to celebrate every size, shape and personality!

Perks are subject to change leading up to the launch of the spokesmodel program.


Senior Spokesmodels are the cream of the crop in their school and community. Wait… popular? Beautiful? Trendy? No! We’re looking for great role models. Teens who are involved in academics and their community. Guys and gals who care for others. Folks who are unique, soulful, and engaging. Modeling experience is NOT required!

Here are a few more requirements for our 2020 Ambassador Program:

  • Active and social savvy on social media

  • Book a senior session with Brenda Dalton Photography and use BDP as your sole senior photographer

  • Like and engage with Brenda Dalton Photography on social media and spread the word about BDP to your friends

  • Refer friends and family to BDP

  • Permission and model release signed from parent or guardian

  • Agree for your images to be used in digital and print marketing, including the BDP 2020 Senior Magazine, social media, website and promotional materials


We only accept a max of eight seniors per year — we told ya! It’s a special kind of club! — and applications are due October 15, 2019.

We’ll be in touch with our selected 2020 Senior Ambassadors by late October with your welcome kit and all the exciting details for the coming year!

Senior Name *
Senior Name
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Senior Phone Number
What is your graduating year? *
We accept applicants from all Tulsa-area high schools (including Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, etc.), but give a special priority to seniors graduating from Berryhill, Sand Springs and Mannford.
Will only be used for your welcome kit if chosen as a 2020 Senior Ambassador
Clubs, sports, outside school activities, AP courses, concurrent enrollment, volunteering, etc.
What do you like to wear or how do you like to present yourself to the world? Favorite stores? Tell me your favorite casual outfit!
This application is not a contract. It implies your interest in becoming a Senior Ambassador for Brenda Dalton Photography for the 2019-2020 school year. A contract and model release must be signed by each senior and their parent/guardian upon acceptance to the program. The information you've provided is not for any other use besides the Brenda Dalton Photography Senior Ambassador Program.
As an ambassador for Brenda Dalton Photography, you will be expected to share images from your session (may not be altered/filters or cropped) on social media and to hand out your Ambassador cards (provided free of charge by BDP) to friends and acquaintances throughout the school year. You are also expected to book a senior session with BDP to participate in the program, of which you'll receive a 20% discount.Do you agree to this?