Thanksgiving sanity-saving printable + holiday freebie

Now that Halloween is in the books - which, by the way, we have a massive load of candy left over - it's time to put our eye on the prize: Thanksgiving!

This year, the man and I are hosting Thanksgiving for the first time. We moved to a new house earlier this year and while we still have a few more boxes to finally unpack, we're getting closer to being 100% settled in; however, the thought of filling our tiny 1920s bungalow with 15-20 people has me shaking in my boots! Just a little.

Anyone who knows me know that I am a bit of a planner. In fact, half of the fun of vacations and trips is planning where we'll go, what I'll pack and of course, what we'll eat. That theory slides ride into holidays, which is why I dreamed up the ideal Thanksgiving planner for me.

Not too detailed so as not to get overwhelmed, but not so simple that I have to do all of the thinking. Without a shopping list, you can find me in the baking aisle with glazed-over eyes trying to find salad dressing.

In walks the printable that is keeping me on track with my menu planning! A full shopping list of the most popular Thanksgiving items with room for custom options. A meal planner breaking down each course. A space for guest contributions. There's even a checkbox for pre-made dessert in the bakery section because c'mon, after turkey, gravy, a million sides and then some from scratch, we have to let it go somewhere, am I right?

This even keeps me on track from letting the menu get away from myself. Have you seen my Thanksgiving board on Pinterest? I would have food, drinks and decor lining up every wall of our house if you let me! So this little guy is keeping me right on schedule (and sanity, in all honesty). 

In the meantime, check out the free printable below in case you need a little reminder of the holiday's reason when things get a little chaotic fighting for oven space (or space on the couch for football). It's perfect to pop into a frame in your dining room or even set as your iPhone or desktop background!

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