hi (again)! i’m brenda dalton, a tulsa-based family and high school senior photographer.

Yes, I’m a photographer. And yes, my camera takes great “pictures.” But you already know that because you’re here, on my website, seeing my work. I wouldn’t hire some random person off the street I knew nothing about, so why should you? Here’s the story:

headshot 1.jpg

I’m a native Tulsan. Sand Springs, in fact, but I’ve lived in Oklahoma City, Austin and Dallas, Texas, too. Now, I’m nestled in between Tulsa and Sand Springs in the cute little community of Berryhill with my handsome architect husband and our one year old whose version of kisses is a wide open mouth with lots of tongue. Oh, and our ornery calico, Stella, who we often yell for just like in the movies.

I could watch The Good Place on repeat for the rest of my life and cried happy tears the first time I saw Aerosmith in concert when I was 15.

The phrase “no coffee, no talky” was created with me in mind. My fave is a giant half caff with coconut milk creamer. FYI, I’ll probably take you for coffee, tea or gluten-free dessert before our session together.

I have at least 8 million weirdo stories about my 13+ years as a photographer. Like the time Gavin DeGraw walked out in his jammies while I was sitting on his tour bus waiting to begin a session. Fun fact: He was embarrassed, but not as much as I was. Or how I stepped in a stinking fresh cow pie on my very first solo shoot ever.

Speaking of, my photography style is a mix of light and airy with bold pops of color. Sassy, friendly poses mixed with the true emotion and excitement of documentary photography. I’ll probably tell you stupid jokes along the way, too.

I genuinely love getting to know each of my clients and if we end our session with a giant hug, it was a success. And if I had a nickel for every time a client told me, “I usually hate having my picture taken, but with you, I’m finally comfortable” I could quit photography altogether, buy a beach house and sip sangria by the shore. But I wouldn’t. Because I love photographing people just like you oh so much.

And if a photographer with clout is your jam, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Master of Arts in Photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin. I’ve been featured by some lovely publications like the Tulsa World, the Oklahoman, Senior Style Guide, Austin American-Statesman, the Associated Press, Huffington Post, San Antonio Express-News, Oklahoma Magazine and many more.

So, now that we’re friends, let’s make memories together!